Wedding Dresses

Luxury Wedding Italy, through a scrupulous and careful direction, proposes a constant research of the excellencies available on the territory, selected and targeted to the specific requirements.
Passion and attention to details to supply a service, offering to our customers a bespoken tailoring experience, exclusive by tradition and innovation. Unique dresses, true and utter works of art thought and made thanks to skilled tailors whom, still nowadays, finish each and every dress by hand.


The wedding rings, symbol of everlasting love, show your style and personality and they are to remember those unforgettable moments.
Luxury Wedding Italy will guide you to discover the noble art of Italian goldsmiths, exclusive creations made with passion by our master goldsmiths. Masterpieces symbol of timeless elegance, a combination of art, tradition and gemstones to celebrate your love story.


Creativity shapes up to become a distinctive mark of elegance and uniqueness. Our designers and artisans create, with their skills and with the quality of the materials, the exclusivity of unique items, designed and crafted only for you.
Bespoken and elegant shoes, made of prestigious and noble materials, handicraft work, unmistakable details exclusively crafted. Jewel-like shoes, made more precious by embroideries and decorations so to create sophisticated sculptures and unique items.


Our events show what Italian luxury, culture and beauty is, the Made in Italy makes your wedding a journey to discover the Art of Living.
A rich and valuable research for a fine selection, customized to your needs by objects which are style icon and by creations designed and made specifically for you.
Your image will be emphasised and embellished with refined details, couture and vintage accessories as well as high fashion design.